Market Research with Field Scope International

– Terms and Conditions of participation –


This document has been created by market research agency Field Scope International Ltd (hereafter: “FSI”). The purpose of this document is to outline Terms and Conditions of respondent’s participation in market research projects governed by FSI. We advise careful read through this document prior to participating in any study, in order to ensure full familiarity with all points that will apply. By agreeing to participate in a project with FSI, all respondents automatically agree to abide by Terms and Conditions stated below.


Purpose Overview

  • 1.1. By agreeing to participate in a market research or product testing project with FSI, respondents also enter into an agreement with FSI. These Terms and Conditions aim to govern the rights and obligations of both respondents and FSI. Specific terms to the agreement set forth in the project supersede these Terms and Conditions.


Participation Terms and Conditions

    • 2.1. All respondents are recruited for market research or product testing project based on their profile and answers provided during the screening process. Purpose of their participation is to gain their honest thoughts and shared knowledge and opinions, whilst they remain anonymous. In case it is determined that answers provided during the screening process are false or incorrect, interview can potentially be terminated immediately with no reimbursement of honorarium.

    • 2.2. By joining the interview or survey, respondents consent to:
  • Participate in the market research study according to specific terms set,
  • Understand the purpose and nature of the study and that their participation is voluntarily,
  • Grant permission for the interview session to be audio and video recorded and stored for the purpose of analysis by the researcher and other research collaborators,
  • Understand that these recordings will be used by the company commissioning the research and for market research purposes only,
  • Grant permission for audio or video records, stills, and/or transcripts from the interview session to be used in presentations or documentation of the study,
  • Understand that the researcher will not identify participants by their name in any reports containing information obtained from the market research study, and that respondents’ confidentiality and anonymity as a participant in the market research study will remain secure,
  • Agree to hold all confidential information in absolute confidence and to refrain from using it for personal or third party’s benefit, or in any other manner,
  • Agree not to disclose to any third-party client’s interest in the subject matter of the research,
  • Agree not to disclose that specific client is the proprietary owner of the products and product ideas subject of the research,
  • Understand that they can withdraw their consent at any time, without any penalty or consequences.


Incentive Payment Terms and Conditions

    • 3.1. Due to general applicability of these Terms & Conditions, provisions that govern respondents right to receive an incentive or reimbursement are only applicable in case this has been agreed on a specific project. For instance, participating in a study in which no incentive is set nor applicable, these Terms and Conditions do not provide additional rights to an incentive.

    • 3.2. In all cases, FSI reserves the right to determine the incentives and reimbursements at its sole discretion. Incentives are set based on Fair Market Values and in agreement with commissioning client.

    • 3.3. FSI can process incentives via Bank Transfer or by issuing electronic Amazon Voucher to be sent to email address specified by respondents.

    • 3.4. Incentives are paid within the agreed deadline from the day of project closure.

    • 3.5. Payment deadline is set on per project basis and in accordance to project specification.

    • 3.6. Project completion refers to situation where all respondents have concluded their participation and FSI has received a confirmation from the Client that all data is collected and in order based on quality control check, therefore the project can be closed.

    • 3.7. FSI agrees to provide all respondents who participated in a study with a “Thank You” email upon project completion, thus indicating date when the incentives will be processed and reference number of the payment.

    • 3.8. Please note that incentives are being processed by the end of the date specified in the “Thank you” email or sooner. Should the funds not come on the day outlined as process day, please check with your bank as you might have already received it prior. International bank transfers can sometimes take up to 5 business days from the day they have been processed. Please liaise with your bank in order to verify when you can expect funds on your account.

    • 3.9. Respondents, who are choosing BACs as a method of payment shall provide FSI team member with the details of their private bank account. FSI is unable to pay incentives into company account. Respondents can also gift their incentive to charity organization.

    • 3.10. Please note that you will receive an Amazon voucher via email, on your email address that was provided and confirmed to FSI team during confirmation process. Your email might categorize the voucher as spam, thus is can be placed in spam/junk box, please check it prior to deleting its content.

    • 3.11. Any questions you might have regarding your incentive, please send them by responding to the “Thank you” email you received.

    • 3.12. All complaints related to paid incentive must be submitted within a 6-months period from the payment date. After that time, your complaint will be called invalid.


Personal Data and Privacy Policy

    • 4.1. Personal data is any data that identifies one as an individual. FSI respects the privacy of all respondents and shall ensure that the personal data provided to FSI is treated in a confidential and secure manner.

    • 4.2. For the rights and obligations regarding personal data and privacy, please refer to FSI’s Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. The Privacy Policy regulates respondents consent to placing cookies on their computer and the consent to the use their personal data.

    • 4.3. The Privacy Policy is available on FSI website.



    • 5.1. Respondents are required to maintain the confidentiality concerning all confidential information received whilst participating in a market research study.

    • 5.2. Respondents may be exposed to confidential information, i.e. new logos or new packaging materials for Client products. All the information in the context of the study is strictly confidential and the respondent is obliged to preserve its confidentiality. This confidentiality obligation also applies if the respondent, FSI or client terminates the study for any reason.


Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability

    • 6.1. Respondents will waive all rights to any claims for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, loss in profit or revenue resulting from any breach of the agreement between them and FSI. Respondents waiver does not apply to the case in which FSI has inflicted damage by gross negligence or intent.



    • 7.1. FSI reserves the right to cancel all confirmed interviews prior to their scheduled time in case of any unforeseen changes in project specification that is outside of FSI i.e. at Client’s discretion.

    • 7.2. FSI reserves the right to refuse payment to all participants in online surveys whose answers prove inconsistent, illogical and/or falsified after thorough quality control analysis.

    • 7.3. In case of cancelation each respondent will be informed via phone call and e-mail by FSI team member.

    • 7.4. Respondents are not entitled to receive reimbursement should the interview not take place or is cancelled (with the exception of Face to Face interviews cancelled due to unforeseen changes in project specification that is outside of FSI i.e. at Client’s discretion and on the day that the study was due to take place. In this case respondents are entitled to receive full reimbursement).

    • 7.5. Respondents whose interview was cancelled on the day it was scheduled to take place are not entitled to receive reimbursement should the reasoning be any of the below outlined points:
  • Respondent being late i.e. not arriving at agreed time,
  • Respondent bringing with them additional persons for the interview (including children),
  • Respondents being under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  • Respondent acting in a rude or impolite manner,
  • It has been determined that the respondent is falsely representing or providing false answers that may differ from answers provided during screening process.



    • 8.1. Respondents have the right to submit an official complaint to FSI Quality Control Department. All complaints should be sent via email to FSI Quality Control Officer, on the following address: complaints@fieldscopeint.com

    • 8.2. Quality Control Officer is obliged to investigate every complaint received and aim to resolve it best possible manner.



    • 9.1. FSI reviews its website and Terms and Conditions periodically and reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify the content of the website or these Terms and Conditions at any time.

    • 9.2. Please refer to Market Research Society Code of Conduct and BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Market Research for all issues and situation not described in this document.

    • 9.3. Respondents are advised that all details regarding their participation are to be communicated and agreed with FSI solely. Respondents should not act on instructions given by any third party (including Client) if not agreed otherwise. FSI will not be accountable to resolve any disputes resulted by respondents stepping out of the agreement made base on unauthorised instructions.


For any further details or clarification surrounding Terms and Conditions of this document please reach out to our recruitment team by calling +44 (0) 2037 907222 or responding to this email.