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What we offer
Fielding services We offer comprehensive services for all your fielding needs in Healthcare, B2B, and Consumer sectors across the globe.

We pride ourselves on being fielding experts.

Even though recruitment is our main focus, we offer a whole range of research services:

  • Project Planning / Set Up & Project Management / Screener Design
  • Telephone Interviewing (Medical, B2B, Consumer Interviewers / Moderation)
  • Venue booking (at preferred rates) / Focus Vision / Central Location / Video Streaming
  • Content Analysis, Top-Line Report, Summary or Full Report
  • Sample Purchase
  • Incentive Handling
  • Printing and Stimulus Preparation, Audio and Video Recording (Mp4)
  • Transcriptions (summary or full) at competitive rates
  • Interpretation services
  • Translation of Materials
  • On-site Support, Logistics
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Catering and Refreshments
Tailored Projects

Our experienced project managers and recruiters will provide a unique, customized service in order to get the most out of your research.

Due to our reliable industry experience and presence in various markets, we provide insight into your project’s viability and assist you in feasibility checks.

We can help you determine the best methodology and identify the correct respondent type for your research.

Instant Feedback

Let’s be honest.

In the market research industry, feedback speed is what separates a successful project from an unsuccessful one.

Simple and straightforward communication is the key.

Having a team that consists of many project managers, interviewers and recruiters with an established system of internal communication, we are always ready to fill you in with all the project details you need.

Due to our expertise and long-term commitment, we can see very quickly if something is not going well in the field.

And not only will we instantly inform you of that, but we will also offer the best solution to overcome the given situation.

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In-house Telephone Interviews and Moderation

Our in-house, multilingual moderating team can conduct all kinds of quality telephone interviews and moderation for your research.

Our team members are native speakers capable of innovative application of both qualitative and quantitative solutions.

Our CATI team makes sure the responses are immediately entered into the computer system and ready for analysis, so quotas can be accurately tracked without time-lag.

We will make sure to deliver the requested number of completes well before the stated deadline.


We use phone-to-web methodology to recruit from our panels or the clients’ lists.

You just provide us with a brief, sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest:

  • Contacting and screening the respondents
  • Providing questionnaire links and follow up work if necessary
  • Incentive handling
  • Regular progress reporting
  • Pilot interviews
Viewing facilities

Our partner facilities are located in all the markets we cover .

So, if you need a facility designed for medical device testing with features such as picture in picture recording, HD camera recording or HD camera with back room remote control - we will take care of it.

Our Resourcing team will make sure you get the facility that fits all your needs, while our Recruitment team makes sure the respondents attend all elements of the study.

You do not even have to worry about the logistics – you can leave it all to us.

Out-of-the-box solutions

If your study requires on-site support, our team is ready to make a move.

We will act as on-street hosts and, if necessary, arrange interpretation, transportation, catering services and anything else you need to successfully complete the project.

Our out-of-the-box thinking allows us to come up with all kinds of proper incentives, so we can reach the required number of right respondents in time.

Rest assured we will do whatever it takes to get your project done.

Various Qualitative and Quantitative Solutions

Our team has experience working with traditional and innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies. From focus groups to ethnographies, all the way to the online surveys.

Field Scope International team is fully equipped to take on any challenge you might have.

Do you need something outside of the listed scope? Contact us to learn about other ways we can assist you.