Field Scope International founding date

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2012 image

Incorporation of Field Scope International

With headquarters in London, company offers recruitment services in Healthcare, B2B and Consumer sectors across the Western European market.

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Opening of the New York office

Company expands to the US market. Field Scope International now offers services to US clients who want to work in the EU markets, and to EU clients working with the US market.

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2016 image

Opening of the office in Belgrade, Serbia

Field Scope International enters the Central/Eastern European markets.

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New website launch


Field Scope International is delighted to announce the launch of its new website that now highlights its global capabilities. Throughout the years, Field Scope International has grown from strength to strength and will continue to play a significant role in providing you with...

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2017 image

Opening of the office in Sofia, Bulgaria


Opening of the office in Sofia, Bulgaria, contributing to the company's mission to have back offices in various markets they cover.

Field Scope International expands its market research activities in...

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Project and Healthcare Website Launch

We launched two respondent platforms – one for consumers, patients and business people, and the other one for healthcare professionals. With these websites we made recruitment easier both for respondents and for our recruitment team.

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2019 image

10 Years of Field Scope International

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Field Scope International. We are pleased to celebrate it with all of our clients, partners, respondents and employees.

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Field Scope International becomes a proud holder of two ISO Certifications - ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

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2020 image

Patients' Website Launch

We proudly present our newest patients’ website reserved for our PATIENTS panel!

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Opening of the office in Malawi, Africa

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Malawi.

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2022 image

Opening of the office in Johannesburg, South Africa

Field Scope Int believes in the potential Africa holds and with a successful launch of our Malawian office, we have seen the need to further spread our wings. Connecting the dots further to give data a voice.

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