You Can Help Charities

Field Scope International works with communities, non-profits and charities by organizing efforts to help those in need.


About This Initiative

Field Scope International is working with charities and supporting them by acting as a liaison between them and our clients and respondents.

All of the charities we work with are carefully selected, and thorough background checks are performed before we partner with them.

We make sure their core values are compatible with our own, and we get to know their decision makers personally in order to build rapport, as well as visit their offices, if possible.

This way we ensure your donations end up in safe hands and are, indeed, supporting a good cause.

How To Donate?

We are encouraging clients and respondents to donate to our partnering charities by donating:

  • Directly (clients)
  • Via market research incentive payment (respondents)

Donating Directly

In order to donate directly, please click on View Charities, or scroll to the bottom of this page and select the charity you would like to support. You will then be redirected to their own landing page reserved for donations and the partnership with us, where you can also check out their whole website.

Donating via Market Research Incentive Payment

To donate as a respondent, you may also choose to give up a portion of your incentive to go to the charity of your choice. This can be done by clicking on the link sent in your Thank You email, after you have taken part in market research with us.


Open Arms Malawi

Open Arms and Field Scope International work together to help children with special needs in rural Malawi.

Peter Chulu, our Managing Director visits Open Arms infant Homes in Malawi to meet with Eniffer Chilunga, Senior Matron and find out more about their work:

Watch the Video

If you can, please donate now by using the form at the bottom of their landing page or by contacting Open Arms directly:

hello@openarmsmalawi.org DONATE NOW