1. What kind of company is Field Scope International?

Field Scope International is an international market research fielding agency with offices in London, New York, Belgrade, Sofia.

2. Which services do you provide?

We provide fieldwork recruitment services in Healthcare, B2B and Consumer sectors.

3. Which markets do you cover?

UK / Germany / France / Spain / Italy / US / Serbia / Bosnia / Slovenia / Macedonia / Ukraine / Montenegro / Lithuania / Poland / Czech Republic / Slovakia / Russia / Bulgaria / Romania / Hungary / Croatia / Latvia / Estonia.

4. Does Field Scope International recruit for other markets outside of its offering range?


Thanks to our carefully built relationship with recruiters around the globe, we can offer recruitment services for most markets.

Over the years, we have established effective cooperation with panel partners on the markets outside our main offering range. We carefully examine recruiting methodologies and sampling protocols of each partner. We also validate their performance on a project-to-project basis.

This means we can guarantee that your fielding needs will be met in time and with quality on whichever market you need.

5. How do you recruit your panel members?

We mainly recruit via our in-house recruitment centre.

The majority of respondents come from qualitative studies. If the project demands, we can also snowball from the existing panel.

With an in-house panel management department dedicated to increasing the number of members through social media, support groups, on street panel opt-in and event management, our panel continues to grow on a monthly basis.


6. How responsive is your panel?

Our panel is very responsive.

Every panellist is validated before joining the panel. Additionally, our team engages with every member on a regular basis.

7. Who is a part of your panel?

We recruit healthcare professionals and patients, business people and consumers.

Our panels consist of respondents from different geographic regions and various demographics in terms of gender, age, profession/industry, language, household income, ethnicity, marital status, etc.

We cover all therapeutic areas, B2B sectors and consumer industries. We are especially good at recruiting hard-to-reach patients who were diagnosed with the conditions such as: cancer, HIV, Hepatitis C.

8. How does Field Scope International verify patient data?

Our patients are mostly recruited by referrals from healthcare professionals.

When we recruit via our consumer panel, proof of diagnosis (prescriptions in the patient’s name) is requested.

9. How do you verify medical doctors within its panel?

We obtain the GMC/NMC number from all healthcare professionals which is checked and verified by the in-house quality control department.

10. How do you verify B2B and Consumer respondents?

Our in-house qualitative fieldwork department talks with every panellist in order to validate their information.

We also accept one email address per panel member and obtain their IDs before including them in the panel.

11. Do you work on client provided lists?

We have a team of trained in-house telephone recruiters that work on confidential, high-profile clients’ lists, while at the same time abiding by data protection regulations.

And not only that.

Our team is specially trained to work on large client provided lists with responsiveness under 50 percent.

12. How many seats are there at your recruitment centre?

Field Scope International has offices across the globe which form the corporation it has become today.

Across all of our offices, we have 30 recruitment centre seats with multi-lingual speakers in over 10 languages.

13. Do you do CATI recruitment?

We have an internal CATI software and we can carry out CATI recruitment and provide clients with data exports in excel or SPSS.

Our CATI team makes sure the responses are immediately entered into the computer system and ready for analysis, so quotas can be accurately tracked without time-lag.

14. How often do I receive updates from you on the project I have commissioned as a client?

Our Project Management team shares the office with the Recruitment team which means you can get updates in real time and as often as you require them.

You get status reports on the number of completes, incompletes, screen-outs, cold calls and other statistics related to the specific project.

With an established communication system, our team is always ready to fill you in with the project’s status.

15. Do you manage moderation/facility bookings/incentives if a client is not attending a central location?

We offer full fielding services - everything from recruitment to logistics.

Our team arranges facility bookings with special prices, manages moderation and handles incentives.

We also offer on-site support – interpretation, transportation, catering services and many more.

16. Which project information do you need to perform a feasibility check?

We have strong back offices covering different markets. This means that we are able to accurately predict the success of your project in various fields. In order to do that, we need the following information:

  • Market where you want your project to take place
  • Sectors
  • Number of respondents and screening criteria
  • Which methodology you want to use
  • Project deadline
17. Do you have a set rate card that I can refer to as a client looking for costs?

Our pricing system is tailored to the service you require.

We have a pricing team that can turn around costs within a few hours and are always available to answer any cost/feasibility queries you may have.

18. How do you debrief your client?

When the project is finished, we provide the client with the debrief reports which include the number of samples, completes, incompletes, screen-outs, drop-outs, incentive handling and anything related to the specific project.

Do you have additional questions or want to talk about your project? Give us a call!
1. Why should I take part in your panel?

By being a part of our panel, you have the chance to influence the people who make decisions. Sharing your opinions and personal experience in market research studies can lead to improvement of various services or products.

We offer you the chance to tell different brands what you think and what you need. Also, being a member of our panel is a nice way to earn money in your spare time.

Furthermore, by taking part in our healthcare panel, you can participate in revolutionary researches that can improve the health of mankind by developing new medicines or upgrading patient care.

You also get to participate in all kinds of fun studies where you can test new products or find out important things about your favourite brands. Most importantly, you have the privilege to be a part of our platform where every opinion matters.

You can become a part of our Consumer and B2B panel by registering on this link: https://projects.fieldscopeint.com/

You can become a part of our Healthcare Professionals panel by registering on this link: https://healthcare.fieldscopeint.com/

You can become a part of our Patients panel by registering on this link: https://patients.fieldscopeint.com/

2. Do I get paid for taking part in the studies?

Yes. You will be paid for taking part in the studies – every time. Payments normally range between £5.00 and £250.00.

3. What does the payment depend on?

The payment depends on the study length, topic and complexity of the task. You will be clearly informed about the amount of money you will earn if chosen to participate in the research.

4. How do I get paid?

We pay in cash and via bank transfer. We can also offer compensations like gift vouchers for Amazon or high-end stores.

5. How often would I be asked to participate in your studies?

We carry out market research studies on a regular basis. You can apply for as many studies as you want. Or we will contact you to check whether you are fit for a particular project.

6. Do I have to take part in every research I am invited to?

You can choose in how many and which studies you want to participate in. It is all up to you. Additionally, you can decide if you want to take part in the study you are invited to.

You can also decline participation at any point – even during the study itself. You have the absolute freedom to make decisions.

7. Is my personal data protected?

Yes. All studies you take part in comply with MRS (Market research Society) and BHBIA(British Healthcare Business Association) codes of conduct regarding the handling and storage of personal data. This means that your anonymity is protected unless you give your informed consent to reveal some details. Also, the information you provide will not be disclosed to third parties for research or any other purposes without your explicit consent. 

We also follow GDPR guidelines when it comes to collecting, processing and protecting your data.

8. Do I know what the study is about?

Yes. Before you accept to participate, we inform you about the purpose and the format of the study.

9. Can I unsubscribe from the panel?

Of course, you can unsubscribe any time you want. Although we would like to have you on board, you have every right to leave.

It is actually very easy. There is the unsubscribe button under each email invite you receive.

Another option is to delete your account from our website. Once you click on the Your Account field, a drop-down menu will show up and you should just click Delete Account. If you ever decide to come back, you can just re-register.