Traditional and online qualitative solutions

Qualitative solutions Field Scope International offers market research recruitment services for the whole range of qualitative methodologies in:

Being physically present in various markets and having internally managed panels allows us to select the right respondents for any traditional or modern qualitative methodology your research requires:

Traditional Qualitative Solutions

Focus and mini groups are a proven method for getting insights into the respondents’ feelings, perceptions and thoughts about a particular product, service or solution.

One of their main advantages is the flexibility of design which allows them to follow the dynamics of real life – participants build up on each other’s believes and experiences, they interact and influence each other.

Since the market consists of various individuals whose thoughts and decisions often depend on other people’s opinions, focus groups are a unique solution for getting important market research insights.

The main thing that separates dyads and triads from mini and focus groups is that participants are connected in some way (they have similar or opposed views) or even know each other (family members).

It allows in-depth insight into different opinions and perspectives within the same group.

Tele-depth interviews are one of Field Scope International’s specialities.

Our clients value the fact that we have an in-house team of moderators with extensive experience in Healthcare, B2B and Consumer markets across the globe.

Tele-depth interviews remain one of the most frequently used solutions in market research. It is a cost-effective way of getting insights from hard-to-reach and geographically remote respondents.

Field Scope International’s multilingual team of project managers and recruiters will deliver this service in-house from our international telephone unit.

Highly experienced moderators will ask the right questions in the manner which respects the codes of conduct and respondents’ rights.

Our moderators are particularly good at

  • asking probing questions and tailoring the interview to the respondent
  • recruiting and scheduling interviews for you

We can provide anonymous dial-in capabilities for all parties.

Our job is to deliver important insights helping you make the best decisions.

In-depth interviews are conducted with the purpose of obtaining detailed information about a respondent’s thoughts and behaviours.

When you need to avoid “group thinking” like in focus groups, the interviews are the way to go.

They offer a complete picture explaining the reasons behind the individual’s decisions.

Unlike surveys, interviews can deliver more information, offering a relaxed, conversational atmosphere for the respondent.

Ethnography has its roots in anthropology where it was used to observe cultures and societies. In market research, it is deployed to observe the respondents in their own environment (home or office) while using a service or a product.

This solution is particularly good for detecting contradictions between the consumers’ thoughts and actions: what the consumer wants the researcher to think and how they actually behave, or what they really need.

This methodology provides various types of data. Because it is based on watching the consumer in real life, ethnography offers insight into cultural conditions as well.

This kind of research is very useful for product design and improvements. Watching how people act in certain situations can help develop the right product or service for their needs and cultural believes.

Today, there are more affordable digital ways of conducting ethnographic research.

For example, by using mobile technologies, people send researchers their video diaries or photos of them using the product.

Ethnographic research remains one of the most effective ways of acquiring quality insights and making the right decisions.

Online Qualitative Solutions

Expanding online solutions to those who are not tech-savvy

While many fielding agencies offer online capabilities and data, we try not to stop there. We go far beyond online.

In order to improve the reach of online solutions, Field Scope International strives to include respondents who prefer to stay offline.

One of our specialties is recruiting respondents for online studies who are not used to taking part in online surveys or who are even unfamiliar with market research. We are looking for respondents on a daily basis and assist them with technical issues.

That way you get the best of both worlds. And your study is completed in time.

Online qualitative interviews are a new way of conducting in-depth interviews.
They are respondent friendly because they can be done from homes and offices.

Bulletin board is a method where research-related discussions take place online over a period of time. The moderator asks questions and the participants give answers and share their thoughts with each other.

Since respondents take part in the research at their convenience, they provide more detailed answers, allowing specialists to gain greater insights.

A transcript may be printed out at any time, so the client has instant feedback and full control over the research process.

Online bulletin boards are a good solution:

  • If you work on continuous projects
  • When researching specific topics requiring anonymity
  • When you want to expand your reach over different time zones
  • When you need opinions of busy respondents such as healthcare professionals and business executives who don’t have time for a traditional face-to-face interview
  • When you want to carry out cost-effective research

Online communities – are built like social networks, topic portals and forums.

It is a private online group where respondents talk to each other about research-related subjects in the form of blog posts, videos, forum entries, etc.

Naturally born communities are those where participants gather to discuss topics of their shared interest. Unlike them, market research online communities are recruited and specially built.

They are conducted over a longer period of time than bulletin boards, more specifically they can last a couple of weeks, months, or even a year.

They are suitable for continuous projects where there is a need for developing products or services over a certain period of time. On the other hand, they could also be used for getting ad hoc insights.

Participants are encouraged to take part by posting and commenting.

Online community is a more natural environment where respondents are in fact members and freely interact with each other, exchanging thoughts, desires and experiences using their everyday language.

Therefore, you can get deeper insights which is sometimes hard to obtain in artificial conditions of a more traditional research methodology.

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