Representative data, delivered with knowledge and care

Quantitative solutions In order to have your key decisions supported by hard facts and reliable statistics, you need to ask the right questions to the right people, in the right way.

We can help you out with that.

Our in-house team of project managers and recruiters will complete the recruitment process and meet all your fielding needs for any quantitative methodology.

We will provide representative data, delivered with knowledge and care in Healthcare, B2B and Consumer sectors.

We support all online and offline quantitative solutions:
  • Online surveys
  • Centre location tests
  • Different kinds of interviews:
    • Telephone
    • Medical, B2B, Consumer
    • In-store, on street intercept
  • Product testing
  • Store audits
  • Mystery Shopping Programs
  • Data processing
Highly engaged, profiled respondents

Our internally managed global panels allow us to choose the right and hard-to-reach respondents for your online questionnaires.

We have highly engaged panelists whom we keep in touch three time a month so we can offer great responsiveness and depth.

Our goal is to build a platform where everyone’s opinion – healthcare professionals, patients, business executives, KOL, consumers – counts. In order to achieve that, we have to share the same mission as our panelists: to make the world a better place through free and open communication.

Trust and respect that we have gained allow us to offer a responsive panel with hard-to-reach groups. Because every one of our panelists cares about the cause.

We can also recruit from your list, compare it with our panels and reach the right respondents in every possible way.

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Quality data in easy-to-read formats

Thanks to our in-house team of project managers, interviewers and recruiters, we can offer real time feedback at any point of the research.

With a well-structured and highly engaging internal communication, we make sure that every aspect of your project is under control. Take a look at the infographic and see how we, at Field Scope International, take care of your fielding needs.

This way you get quality data in popular, easy-to-read formats. With customized service and clear communication.

We’ve got you both covered and informed.

Reliable software and in-house recruiters

Our in-house multilingual moderators and recruiters, along with our internal software platform, can take care of all your fielding needs for quantitative solutions.

With dedicated project managers, we make sure your project is completed on time and within budget.

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The groups went brilliantly thank you.Both the client and the moderators were very happy. Please thank the team on my behalf

Anonymous Field Manager