16 Apr 2018
Video Testimonial Contest: Tips and Guidelines


Field Scope International is organizing a Video Testimonial Contest and we are giving you an opportunity to win £50!

We do understand that recording a video testimonial is not a part of your daily life, therefore we decided to provide you with video recording tips and give you some guidelines about what you should be talking about.

Recording Tips

1. You don’t need to use a professional camera, your laptop camera or your cellphone will be perfect for this occasion.

2. If you wish to edit your videos – that’s fine. However, we do understand that this requires time and skill to do it, so you should know that any editing is completely optional.

3. Whichever camera you are using, you should do your best to film horizontally as horizontal videos tend to look much better than the vertical ones.

4. The best videos are shot in natural lighting. Try finding a well-lit room and face your light source while you are filming.

5. The camera should be in the range with your eyes, so if you are using a laptop camera, try stacking a few books under it before filming.

What to Say?

Please remember, that the way you record the video is not as important as what will you say in it. The most important thing is that you have fun doing this and that you tell us the story about your experience with Field Scope International. Tell us how was your study, what did you like the most, was there anything you did not like, would you recommend your friends and family to join our panel, how would you best describe our company. And of course, if there was anything that you did not like, please, do tell, we appreciate the feedback as it is helping us become better at what we do.

Please read the official Terms & Conditions before you apply.