23 Sep 2020

Introducing… PATIENTS Website!

We produly present our newest website reserved for our PATIENTS panel! Everyone working in market research industry can tell you […]

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10 Sep 2020

From the Warm Heart of Africa to Field Scope International

An inspiring story on how an 18-year-old boy came from Zambia to study Economics in Serbia only to become an […]

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19 Aug 2020

Marketing Campaign for The Multiple Sclerosis Study

As a company which takes great pride in the expertise of our Marketing Department, we have chosen an interesting and […]

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28 May 2020

Project Lifecycle at Field Scope International

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30 Jan 2020

Video Testimonial | Dermatology Care

We know that pharma-companies need to understand patients’ needs from the perspective of a Dermatology Specialist in order to better […]

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15 Jan 2020

Case Study | Parkinson’s Disease

This was the first internal project that FSI did independently as a part of a project proposal presentation for a […]

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18 Dec 2019

Adding Quality To Your Research

Field Scope International has been commissioned to deliver fieldwork for one of our clients, so last week, our Quality Control […]

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17 Oct 2019

Our Team is Going To Munich!

We are extremely excited about the biggest Market Research event of the year! And guess what? Yet again, this year, […]

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25 Sep 2019

Meet The Cost Team

Meet our wonderful Costing Department! They are the ones our valuable clients get in touch with first. It is then […]

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29 Jul 2019

Corporate Video | Field Scope International

We are so proud where the idea of a corporate video had taken us! What began only as an idea […]

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