21 Aug 2018
What Do Clients Want?

Briefing with the clients

Customer experiences matter in every industry, so why should the world of market research be any different?

In B2B industries the customers are often referred to as clients. That and the fact that we are working with businesses can make us forget we are still working with people. Additionally, it is the individual we are communicating with before and while providing our services.

Customer experiences differ from person to person. Furthermore, there are many factors that influence the experience, but in the end, we want to be satisfied and achieve our goals.

Client’s needs go beyond getting the job done, and we prepared a list of things that matter to the clients.

1. Expertise

Every agency specializes in a certain field. Sure, most of us offer full market research services, however, we all have a specialty. For us, it is quick recruitment, especially of hard-to-reach people. For you, it might be patient recruitment or analysis of the consumer research results.

In any case, it is important that you are aware of your expertise and services you can and cannot provide. Focusing on the services you are good at helps you become better, and eventually recognized as an industry expert in a certain field.

We advise you to find your expertise and focus on it. Do not forget about other services you are offering, but make sure you are pushing one or two services in the spotlight.

2. Simplicity

The market research industry is not so big, and every agency or client you run into is overloaded with work. Therefore, the processes and the communication with the client should not be time-consuming.

All agreements should be in writing, however, talking on the phone makes the process quicker. You should consider sharing the details of the project via phone, and then follow up with an email.

You can apply the ‘keep it simple’ rule to the number of updates and the level of information shared within those emails. Email updates should only contain the most relevant information. In recruitment, these are the number of invites sent, calls made, leads received, etc.

3. Transparency

Transparency builds trust. Trust retains the clients. If you run into any issues during fieldwork you should notify the client right away. If you think that the project is not feasible, or that it is too much for you to take on – communicate it.

Clients value transparency and honesty. Leveraging these two can help you attract more clients and keep the existing ones.

4. Agility and Quality

Even though it is important to be fast (especially on short deadlines), it is also crucial that you deliver quality work all the time.

Quick work can produce more oversights, yet, the clients keep coming up with quick turnaround projects. For this reason, the clients appreciate agencies who can deliver quality work in a short timeframe.

Becoming agile, while keeping the high-quality standards is not easy, however, you can achieve it with practice and time. Your whole team needs to be on the same page, and they need to delegate tasks accordingly to maximize the speed. Additionally, you should add more quality control measures, but it all pays off in the end.


Amazing client experience should be on your priority list. The whole team should be working together to make the client happy, and get the job done.

Another thing is that you should be working with your clients. This way, both of you can address any questions or issues, while finding the solution that would benefit everyone.

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