07 Nov 2017
Why Is Market Research Important?

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Whether you want to test a new device or medicine that could cure a disease, or you are trying to improve your product or service to enhance your brand’s relationship with your customers – you are trying to make this world a better place. To do that, you need to conduct market research studies, and that is where we step in. By recruiting and fielding we can help you in your mission of keeping the customers satisfied and loyal.

We’ve asked some of our team members to tell you why they think market research is important so that we can show you why are we so passionate about our work. Read their responses below.

“I believe that Market Research is a crucial part of molding the world that we live in – it is not just a tireless process of data collection as the general public tends to think – for anyone who digs deeper than the surface – they can realize that the feedback collected through Market Research studies saves lives and improves the quality of living. Whether the healthcare studies which help improve treatment and quality of living of those faced with a hard time in their journeys, the consumer ones that give people voice to re-create and adjust the usability of the products we purchase/consume every day – up to the B2B ones that help the global economy – not a single aspect of our lives could become better and more adequately tailored to our needs if it wasn’t for Market Research and giving people’s opinions a voice through the results collected.

This is what keeps me passionate and eager to move forward and improve with every single project we do – I try to share the importance of what we do with as many people who participate in our studies and I challenge myself to find new ways of doing it on a daily level.”Jovana Kurcubic, US Field Coordinator

“Market research might seem like a lot of work, but it also provides many benefits. It takes the guesswork out of marketing and gives you data that you can use to drive your strategy and accomplish your objectives and goals. It’s a systematic approach that drives your communication with current customers and target prospects.”  – Jelena Sekulic, Project Manager

“For me market research is important to everyone, both everyday people and the business world, because it translates the acquired data from research into valuable insights for businesses and decisionmakers. This helps guide them in properly allocating resources and efforts to accommodate every need or deficiency that might occur in any market which ultimately helps raise customer satisfaction.”Nikolay Dzhonev, Project Manager

“Market research is giving voice to Your Concept, Your Idea, Our Experience and Our Progress. It’s empowering the people to discover and develop a new and different level of the world.”Gabriela Lazarova, Project Manager

“Market research is important because it helps companies gain insight into customers’ needs and their decision-making process. This invaluable insight is essential in creating strategies for further brand development.”Ivan Vlajic, Quality Control Officer

“The biggest importance of market research in my opinion is that it provides insight in what people think – it does not matter if they are consumers, patients or healthcare professionals – when they have a chance to be heard it improves the services that the client provides and creates better situation for everyone involved. It is the thing that puts the wheels of change in motion. It motivates people to improve their companies/products/services etc.”Nikola Novakovic, Senior Project Coordinator

“Somehow any company needs to have a feedback from the market – consumers, patients etc. – as the markets for these groups need to be monitored in order to achieve their sales goals. Basically, market research agencies support the companies which are sales-orientated in their progress.”Anna Yegorova, Project Coordinator, German Markets

“The main role of the market research is to help companies to understand the preferences of the customers, their needs and reviews of different products and services used. Researching the market is a powerful tool which gives a lot of information which could be very useful for every provider of services or trade companies on the market. I think that the market research is very important for the business because it is the best way to increase customer satisfaction, understand the factors that affect the business, and to elevate the performance of the companies.”Evelina Ilieva, Office Assistant