Get instant insight in a wide range of markets

Healthcare, B2B, Consumer

With extensive experience and a dedicated team, we use innovative recruitment methods for: Healthcare, B2B and Consumer sectors

Minimize your project costs and achieve complex recruitment

With strong connections all over the world, we can help you cut all unnecessary costs of fielding. Additionally, our experienced local staff can give you reliable information and tips to help you organize your research.

Have you ever hired a field work agency and set the deadline only to be informed at the very last minute that the job cannot be done?

We hear you.

Here at Field Scope International, we believe that the key to good communication is honesty. Our vast experience and a realistic approach allow us to see every job through. We honestly talk about the possibility of completing your research. If we think that a project is not fully feasible, we will give you recommendations on how to make it doable.

Get instant access to a valid and responsive panel

Our panels are carefully managed by our in-house data department.

You can speak with Physicians, KOLs, Patients, Administrators, Users and many more.

We care a lot about our respondents. After all, they are the heart of market research. We want their voice to be heard. So we treat them with the respect they deserve.

This is how we built a big, responsive database. Upon signing up to become a part of our panel, the respondents are validated by our Database and Quality Control departments.

Maintaining good relationships with our respondents is extremely important to us. Our staff engages with our panellists on a regular basis to achieve this. This way we are able to recruit all kinds of respondents within the set deadline.

An important segment of our work is providing services in the healthcare sector.

We have a patient and user respondent panel in the areas of MS, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s Disease and experience in operating across a full range of therapy areas.

We are especially successful in accessing hard-to-reach groups, such as patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, Immune Disorders. Take a look at the Services we offer and full therapy areas we cover in healthcare.

Our panel keeps on growing. The panel department at our company diligently works on increasing the number of panel members through social media, on street panel opt in, event organizing etc.

We offer both traditional and innovative methodologies for meeting your research needs. With an advanced software platform and in-house recruiting team, you will get high-quality, reliable data processed with knowledge and adequate care.

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