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Our panel
Get in touch with the right people

Field Scope International’s panels consist of numerous deeply-profiled respondents from the following sectors:

Whether you need to speak with healthcare professionals and patients or business people and consumers, FSI will recruit the right respondents for your study.

We cover panelists from different markets with various demographics in terms of age, gender, profession, income, health condition, industry.

If you want to gain insights from KOLs, Physicians, Administrators, Patients, Users, Business owners, Consumers, Managers, Directors, Clerks across various therapeutic, industrial and business areas, request a Call.

In-house panel department

Field Scope International’s in-house qualitative panel department, which is strategically located in our offices across the most important world markets, maintains regular contact with our respondents.

They work diligently to keep the panel deep and responsive by engaging with panelists at least three times a month.

You just need to ask and we will find the right people for your study.

Strong bond with our panelists

Our panel members are validated before your research.

We mostly recruit through our in-house qualitative call centre with the majority of our panel members coming from qualitative studies.

When registering, panelists provide their demographic data such as name, surname, gender, email addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, occupation, country.

FSI’s qualitative panel department talks with every member in order to make sure that it is a real person. And as panelists participate in surveys, we obtain additional data.

This way we can offer our panel members suitable surveys and shorten the fielding time for ad hoc studies.

We also obtain GMC numbers of healthcare professionals and ID numbers from our B2B and Consumer respondents.

A very responsive panel

Asking the right questions. To the right people. At the right time.

In order to do this you need a quickly responsive panel. We know how to find the right respondents for your survey because we are deeply engaged with our panelists.

This means you’ll get the right respondents to complete your study in time and with quality.

Ever-growing panel

FSI’s dedicated panel department works on increasing the number of panel members through our international call centre, social media, on street panel opt in and event management.

We also strive to raise awareness of potential respondents by publishing blog posts, infographics and case studies in which we want to educate them about market research.

Because of the good relationship with our panelists, we are able to snowball from our existing panels – respondents refer others to us and tell them about the possibility of taking part in the surveys.

We respect our members and they recognize that.

This is why our panel continues to grow month after month.

Hard-to-reach patients

Vast experience and an honest approach in the healthcare sector helped us build a deep patient panel.

Filed Scope International has patient and user respondent panels in the areas of MS, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s Disease and experience in operating across an extensive range of therapeutic areas.

For your study, we can recruit hard-to-reach patients such as patients suffering from cancer, Hepatitis C, HIV/Aids, Immune System Disorders.

We are in partnership with you in order to help the patients on their journey.

Quality data delivered with knowledge and care

In order to provide a valid sample, we always remain cautious. Our in-house telephone recruiters are well-trained in finding the right respondents for your survey. They profile the panel on an ongoing basis – estimating members’ responsiveness and validity.

Targeted screening, member management with qualitative engagement are just some of the measures we undertake in order to provide you with high quality data.

Our panel management department administers our panels with dedication and passion.

Because a good, responsive panel is the beating heart of market research. So we make sure that its beats are proper.

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I have been working with Field Scope International for quite some time now and their commitment to clients is second to none. Their flexible approach, commitment to quality and delivery of results allowed us to maintain stable fieldwork across all our projects. I will definitely use them again.

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