29 May 2019
The Improvement of Field Scope International’s Website

The thought of progress is in everyone’s mind. Whether it is personal, or business related, we all strive for improvement. Progress has been present in our company since its inception and we are happy many people were able to witness it first-hand. We are aware that success is not possible without continual growth and progress, thus we are constantly looking for ways to improve our company.

But this is not just talk. Our advancement means a better experience for everyone who interacts with us, which is why we needed to become more approachable to our international clients and panel members.

This year, we decided to take our websites to a higher level and implement German, French and Serbian translations, given that a large portion of our panel members come from these countries. In the future, we are planning to meet the needs of our respondents from other countries, as well as incorporate even more languages.

Another step taken was the implementation of our Healthcare and Projects websites, which completely changed our recruitment strategy. It gave our respondents a full overview of active market research studies, but more importantly – it gave them a greater control over their data.

We have also introduced the Careers page on our website. This has made our selection process quicker, as we have eliminated the need for third-party candidate sourcing. Additional purpose was to bring our team a little closer to you. On this page you can learn more about our organizational culture, our core values and our team members.

We have demonstrated throughout the years that happy, committed employees lead to satisfied and loyal partners. Individual growth of our team members, as well as our collective one, helped us achieve amazing results and maintain a successful business. Subsequently, our employees have advanced within the company. Our management team is made of individuals who understand client’s needs as well as the market research industry.

This year, on our 10-year anniversary, we are looking back on our achievements and we are grateful to all our employees, clients, partners and friends who helped us along our journey towards growth and progress.