09 Jan 2019
Setting the Challenge Bar Higher


During 2018 our team completed a number of projects on the topic of skin care and make up. At the end of the year, a client came to us with another batch of Central Location IDIs. However, this time we were set to recruit 120+ respondents within a month.

Considering that we conducted fieldwork on more than 10 studies about cosmetic products this year, as well as numerous other consumer projects – our exclusion list was rather long! Taking into account sample size, methodology and holiday season, you might be thinking we were in for quite a challenge, but we decided to push our limits even further and go off our panel in order to reach a wider audience.

Inspired to explore additional avenues and set the bar even higher, we started this project with notable energy. Although we were not shy to accept the challenge, we still had some small concerns to which we quickly outlined possible solutions in a speedy and well adaptable manner. As soon as we had our briefing session, avenues started opening, ideas were floating around the room and the plan was already rolling out in no time. Soon enthusiasm and dedication almost led us into overbooking!

One of the tactics we used, was reaching out to different social media groups for skincare and make up lovers and connecting with all interested parties who could take part. This approach assures you are not spamming anyone who is not interested in the topic of the study. Additionally, it can help you reach highly engaged, fresh respondents. Also, different online ads were fruitful in our case. We carefully chose demographic groups and targeted parts of London for which we believed will bring us more leads. With a personal approach we took we managed to grab the attention of the most suitable respondents.

Through our internal database we soon realized that our growing panel had some respondents who have not been active in a while. Consequently, we had an idea to try and get them involved again. All it took was a friendly call, and most of them were on board.

The recruitment was going smoothly, good leads were coming in and we were able to screen more than enough respondents. However, other obstacles arose. The interviews were closely appointed, so even the slightest change in the schedule could ruffle up the whole day. As it was winter season, the respondents were calling in sick to cancel or reschedule their interviews. It took a lot of organizational management and soft skills to cater to both client’s and respondents’ needs.

Despite all of the above, we were able to successfully run this project and bring it to an end. We proved to ourselves that we can overcome anything if we are working together.

We grew our panel, we grew as a team and, most importantly, we delivered the project on time with high quality.

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