30 Oct 2018
Innovation, Challenges, and Conversations from Research & Results

Research & Results trade show

Last week was all about innovation, technology, out of the box IT solutions, and various ways to disrupt the market research industry. It was all about the biggest market research event of the year – Research & Results.

Events such as this one are a unique opportunity to get the best experience first-hand, and actually visualize where the industry is heading. We were impressed by different approaches our partners are taking when it comes to improving their services and using social media, and tools such as Google Analytics to create new avenues to conduct research.

Many of our colleagues presented amazing IT solutions and products that can make the research process quicker and more accurate. In the end, we were fascinated how the market research industry is becoming more automatized and how swiftly it is moving within the virtual environment.

As much as it is amazing to witness new developments and observe how the industry is progressing, our favourite part of these events are catching up with familiar faces, as well as meeting new partners and prospective clients. Many of our colleagues/clients are working in numerous places around the world, so we are always excited and keen to visit trade shows and exchange ideas in person.

These conversations showed us how we are facing the same challenges, but they also gave us ideas on how to overcome them. The market research industry is about teamwork, cooperation and honest relationships; therefore, all challenges can be tackled with the assistance of a reliable partner.

Finally, we would like to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone we meet during last week, it was a pleasure. Our whole team is looking forward to seeing you in the future, and we are excited to improve and evolve with you.

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