05 Mar 2019
Meet the Team – Agnieszka Janicka

It is our Team that makes our company extra special. We all come from different backgrounds, personal and professional, yet we were able to find a mutual language and create a bond which helps us improve and grow each day.

In the second part of the Meet the Team blog series, we are talking to Agnieszka Janicka, our Quality Control Officer – who, has been with the company for 18 months. Her role is incredibly valuable, whom creates all company procedures and policies as well as ensuring they are followed, up to the T. Keep reading to find out more about her role and expertise she is bringing to the table.

Name: Agnieszka Janicka

Company Role: Quality Control Officer

Favourite quote:

Tell me about your career path and how you got to Field Scope International?

I come from Poland where I graduated Medical University studying physiotherapy and speech therapy. However, after my studies I worked as an executive assistant to a managing director in Warsaw and board secretary in one of the biggest Polish law companies. I ended up moving to Serbia for private reasons and started my employment with Field Scope 1,5 years ago. One day, I saw FSI’s job ad on a popular social media channel and learnt the company was looking to hire an employee that would also cover Polish market. I knew it from start – this had to be me!

Your role at Field Scope International has covered a few different areas over the years. What are you working on now?

My career path in FSI started with the role of Project Coordinator for English speaking markets, but I also had the chance to use my mother tongue and complete number of Polish studies. The company was expanding and there was an opportunity for me to join Senior Project Coordinator team. Soon enough, my dedication and efficiency were rewarded, and with the support of my Line Manager I had been selected. This was my chance to show my organisational and leadership skills.

Finally, due to growing opportunities, my time in Recruitment department came to an end. The Quality Control Officer position had opened, and I decided to take a chance and apply for it. After 9 months in QC department I can say that, it was most definitely a very good decision. Company supported the transfer and provided all the necessary tools and training to ensure it would be a smooth transition.

I now feel I am the right person in the right place, as all my medical and market research knowledge is being used to the fullest capacity in order to ensure FSI work across all departments is up to ISO standards and ever evolving industry requirements.

How does your typical day at Field Scope International look like?

I do not have many repetitive tasks, so every day is very different from another. One of my top priorities is making sure our company is compliant with all the regulations related to market research industry and data security. In order to achieve that, I am continuously developing Standard Operating Procedures and Policies and ensuring they are being implemented in the entire company. I oversee the ISO standardisation process, by keeping track off the implementation progress and making sure all employees are trained and following procedures required by the standards.

Relevant training of all team members is in conjunction with my position. I am conducting initial trainings for all new team members joining Field Scope International, thus ensuring they acquire all necessary data handling certificates and full know-how prior to commencing their work on projects. In addition, all team members are being continuously monitored and assessed on any areas they require improvement. Therefore, throughout the year, we have many workshops organised for the team.

In addition, I am heavily involved in tracking both Clients’ and Respondents’ feedback and satisfaction level. This includes handling potential complaints, and assuring the necessary steps are being put in place to reduce any mistakes from happening to a minimum or none at all.

To put the long story short – My responsibility is to make sure our organization functions at the highest level of quality, and in case of any issues I am there to ensure solution is being implemented. There are occasional challenges but overcoming them is very rewarding. Every day brings new tasks and ideas, but seeing how our company operations are every day becoming more structured and efficient shows that we are doing something right.

How would you describe your job role to a child?

My job is to make sure all our team members understand what the game rules are, and ensure they don’t break them.

What is the most important thing you learned since you started working at Field Scope International?

The sky is the limit when it comes to improving your professional skills. There is nothing you cannot learn, it is all a matter of determination and having a good teacher.

What do you like about working here?

The very real perspective of career growth and opportunities. I have seen firms blocking junior team members from being promoted, and this was never a case at Field Scope International. I really appreciate that the company gave me the opportunity to develop my career within its structure – now I am leading the entire Quality Control department! As it is company’s policy to prioritize recruitment process for different positions internally, I can also see other team members growing and taking further steps in their career.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I am a real animal-lover. Bella – the black Labrador, has a special place in my heart and in my daily schedule. Every day we go to the woods near my house to run and chase the ball. It also seems that I have green fingers. I am growing a vegetable garden in the back yard – mostly tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, but I also like to experiment with more exotic plants.

Fun fact about you?

I am a salsa and bachata performer and instructor. I spend most of my free evenings at the local dancing school teaching students’ group and practising choreography with my dancing partner.