19 Aug 2020
Marketing Campaign for The Multiple Sclerosis Study

As a company which takes great pride in the expertise of our Marketing Department, we have chosen an interesting and important case study on the topic of Multiple Sclerosis to showcase some of the marketing efforts utilized for this specific project.


Field Scope International’s Marketing Department uses different approaches and uniquely tailors marketing efforts for each of our projects, so that we get the best results, as each research is different.

Projects that need special tending to are certainly the ones where patients are involved. Patients pose a very delicate target group which must be approached and handled in the right way.

Field Scope International was tasked to recruit patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in UK, France and Germany, and so our Marketing Department created a script to be translated into French and German, which were both translated internally, as our company has multicultural, international team members across 4 offices. The script was to be turned into 3 videos all specifically designed for the three mentioned markets, which were directed and edited by our Marketing Department.

Watch the videos below:

Once the videos were done, a visual was designed by one of our Graphic Designers in order to create an Ad campaign with the purpose of reaching as many patients diagnosed with MS.

The Ad campaign was a success and we were able to meet the client’s quota along with the amazing fieldwork from our recruiters.

These are just two steps showcased, which is just a tip of the iceberg of what is actually happening behind the scenes in FSI’s Marketing Department. As a supporting department, it compliments the expertise of our Project Managers and the resourcefulness of our Recruiters, as well as the brilliance of our IT Department responsible for ensuring our websites perform flawlessly.

What is amazing about working in teams is that we are often reminded that together WE can make it work.