03 Apr 2020
Keeping the Distance, but Staying Together!

Social distancing and working from home doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate our teammates birthdays together.

Keeping the team spirit alive is now harder than ever because of the COVID-19 Outbreak and since all of our team members are working from the safety of their homes.

However, it is not impossible.

Maintaining a constant communication between teammates is imperative and we have been doing so for the past three weeks. We have taken all precautionary measures in order to keep our employees safe, but we are doing our best to keep ourselves entertained as well, while maintaining an exquisite level of project delivery and operating procedures.

Today, our Business Development Executive, celebrates her 30th birthday and we decided to surprise her.

Watch the video and find out what the surprise was.

Stay safe and keep the distance, but always keep your dear ones in mind.