19 Mar 2018
Gaining Insight at the Insight Show

Gaining Insight at the Insight Show

The Field Scope International team was incredibly excited prior to the Insight Show in London – they were looking forward to meeting up with current clients as well as creating new business relationships. Besides being eager to gain new insights, they were enthusiastic to get back to the office and start applying the knowledge they had acquired.

The event itself was very intriguing as it helped us understand the up and coming developments within each branch of our industry better – especially the online segment of research. Visiting the exhibition part was just as thrilling as attending the conferences, and each stand was offering something new and exciting. Seeing all these innovations and developments in the world of Market Research gets one’s mind running and offers a new perspective on improvements and progress of their own company.

During the event, the team had a great opportunity to continue expanding the well-maintained relationships with the Field Scope International clientele. They gained a clearer perspective on the expansions of our partner’s businesses, new and present. In addition to maintaining old relationships, the team also got the chance to establish new connections with potential international partners from China, Japan, Nordic Countries and America.

Using the Insight to Plan a Brighter Future

Seeing the potential of the Market Research industry allowed us to perceive a bright future for Field Scope International. Our strategy team already started working on moving ideas that should facilitate our growth and help us move forward towards our goals.

In the end, we would like to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone we met during these couple of days, it was a pleasure and a thrilling experience. The whole Field Scope International team hopes to see you in the future, and we are looking forward to growing and making progress together.

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