13 Oct 2017
Field Scope International’s journey through 2017

Field Scope International emerged as a fielding agency in London, 2009, with just 4 employees. It has since grown into a popular and approachable business due to phenomenal work that has been accomplished and has now formed into a well-known International company. Staff dedication and the company’s ability to undertake the most complicated of projects, have enabled us to expand over the years.

After seven years of hard work, we had taken upon the task of expanding our offices into popular Market Research cities, to gain first-hand additional knowledge and experience. Our first international office, Belgrade – Serbia, was opened in 2016! Besides enabling Field Scope International to reach the South-Eastern European market at a fast and accurate pace, this gave us the opportunity to grow our team. Since then, we have not stopped growing and we then took a leap to expand once again that same year, so we headed across the pond. Given that we are continuously gaining business in the US, choosing New York as our next place of business was a natural step – something that has since proved very successful. Being physically present in various markets helps us spread our mission across the globe – and we are confident that the office we opened this summer in Sofia, Bulgaria will help us do just what we intended – to allow people’s voices to become heard during the creation of products and services that are forever changing due to individual opinion.

It goes without saying that this difference in the world cannot be made without effort and perseverance, which is why we stay determined and motivated even when the times seem tough. This past year has been busy for our Recruiters and Project Managers, who were able to screen over 70,000 people to get 7,200 that were a perfect fit for 360 successful projects. They spent 490,000 minutes screening potential respondents. That is 340 days!

Our expansion helped us build an excellent multilingual team of young and ambitious people that are now capable of reaching respondents in 12 different languages. Their commitment brought us 36 new clients in the last year, and we are excited to continue strengthening those new relationships.

These numbers and results really do speak for themselves, and the only thing left to say is ‘THANK YOU!’, to all the clients, respondents, and everyone who has ever been a part of the Field Scope International Family! We would not be where we are if there weren’t for you.