09 Oct 2019
Case Study | Serbian Television Watching Habits in UK

FSI was tasked to recruit Serbian respondents living in London who would attend a focus group in order to discuss their television watching habits.

The topic of the research was focused specifically around Serbian television channels and our client was aiming to discover whether Serbian individuals who have moved from their home country were still following Serbian television channels/programmes and if so, what particular type of content this was (news, shows etc).

Our client knew that FSI was a global company with our very own office in Serbia – and this was our advantage when it comes to delivering this specific respondent type, compared to other potential partners.

The team was super excited about this project as this was a unique opportunity for them to create a deeper bond with our Serbian panellists – all respondents were screened in native language by our team of Serbian professionals giving that ‘extra touch’.

Admittedly, the deadline was a bit tight – we only had a week to recruit 11 individuals – and so we’d covered multiple avenues in order to ensure delivery in a timely manner, and to present respondents who were 100% qualified and met client’s criteria to the highest level.

The team had reached out to all our Serbian panellists, asking for referrals, exploring cold calling through London shops, restaurants etc. owned by Serbs, and had a lot of fun during the process, as they had the chance to speak their own native language whilst sharing the exciting study details to brand new interested individuals!

FSI’s unique position in the market has brought us this client and the project was a success overall – respondents were coming back stating that they very much enjoyed the research and the client was satisfied with the overall recruitment and even shared positive feedback with our Managing Director personally.

Country: UK
Deadline: 1 week
Sample size: 11
Methodology: Focus Groups
Respondent type: Consumers
Study field: Media and Communications