15 Jan 2020
Case Study | Parkinson’s Disease

This was the first internal project that FSI did independently as a part of a project proposal presentation for a potential client. The study was a very important one as it was about a progressive nervous system disorder, which is Parkinson’s disease.

Going the extra mile in order to win an online project, we also wanted to add value to the raw data that clients usually get when conducting online surveys. The idea was to recruit three neurologists from three different markets: France, Italy, and UK who would share their experience and knowledge around a specific medication used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in a form of a video testimonial that would be implemented as part of a project proposal presentation.

The tricky part was that the project was conducted in mid-December, just around Christmas, hence we were slightly skeptical when it came to the delivery. Another challenge our team faced was the methodology itself – the doctors needed to record videos themselves.

Our brilliant recruitment team felt confident nonetheless and were certain they would indeed be able to recruit healthcare experts who will be comfortable and quick in delivering a meaningful insight that will bring our project proposal to a higher level. Strong bonds our team has developed with our Healthcare panel members over the years enabled us to successfully implement this idea on a tight notice. One of the ways our recruitment team motivated the doctors to come through was by being transparent, as always, when it came to the purpose of these videos and providing as much information on the goal of the project, which is understanding and identifying how we can best cater to the needs of people living with this condition. Needless to say, our team also ensured doctors have the technical support they needed in order to shoot these videos.

The doctors were asked to shoot five-minute-long videos where they would share their experience in treating this specific condition. Since doctors made such a good connection with the recruitment team and were ultimately very keen on giving us as much insight which could potentially help, they ended up shooting longer videos which enabled us to gain an even better understanding of this condition and medication used to treat it.

We’ve successfully reached our goal in creating a meaningful proposal, showcasing the importance of this condition and why we should continue talking and researching about it. Having our panel members continuously supporting us in this journey makes it an even greater success. This goes to show what a difference it makes to go that extra mile and invest in the long term with respondents. And this is what we do best.

UK, France, Italy

2 weeks

Sample size

Video testimonials

Respondent type
Neurology Specialists

Study field
Parkinson’s Disease