21 Nov 2017
Case Study on Cosmetic Products

How we recruited people for a study on cosmetic products

At the beginning of 2017. our team overcame a great challenge in the recruitment world and our year started extremely well! We knew this was going to be a challenging and exciting project as soon as it came in the phone room, and as always, we had put all hands on deck and finished the job to an incredibly high-quality standard level. Field Scope International was asked to assist with recruitment of 720 ladies of various ethnicities and ages, in London, Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham. They were asked to participate in a cosmetic study for a high profile cosmetic company.

Recruited participants checked into a department store, where they were prepped for their beauty pampering (which included makeup removal and face cleansing). After that, our ladies participated in a short survey using an iPad, and had their skin analyzed to get the correct tone of foundation followed by a makeover – every girl’s dream!

It was a very interesting project as we had to recruit so many people, which we successfully managed to complete by using multiple channels of recruitment. To our surprise, the biggest challenge was not recruiting so many ladies to come to the department stores – it was the timing. Many respondents had requested to attend the store at the same time, which resulted in long ques in the department stores. From a recruiter’s perspective – a queue at the department store because of a successful recruitment for a project is never a bad thing, however, the waiting time was a bit challenging for the logistical side of research – many ladies were eager to get their pampering done and the time was of the essence.

Eventually, we had a very large number of respondents attending, they had a great time and it was amazing hearing their feedback. Our client was also satisfied with the work we had done, and they were happy with their findings.

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