15 Aug 2019
Case Study | Charities With Insurance

FSI was tasked to recruit founders of trustees/non-profit organisations who personally dealt with the purchasing of insurance for their charity/organisations.

We were seeking brand new individuals, who likely weren’t aware of market research as we were free-finding and ‘cold-calling’ to help in assisting us this new project around charities with insurance – we were lucky to have a very open scope of variety, which helped to expand our sample and ventures as we proceeded on from the offset.

There was an array of different insurances and it was not an easy task to find the right individuals that actually fit the quotas at the beginning, so we quickly learned that we needed to switch up our tactics! The project started off slowly and we, admittedly, thought that we may not pull this one off due to some barriers that were faced early on, but with the help of the whole team, we were able to break through the ice and capture the right individuals resulting in a smooth sail moving forward.

This wouldn’t have been possible if the entire team hadn’t stepped in to offer new ideas, concepts, and suggestions. It was imperative we gained the trust with the respondents and maintained their interest in order to proceed in screening.

Once we got rolling, a great bond was formed and respondents were super eager to jump on board and were very interested in helping with the project – just as, the public helps out with their charities.

What was proven, yet again, is that the project may have been unsuccessful hadn’t it been for the bond between the team and the respondents. In conclusion, market research is as successful as the nurturing relationship your team builds with consumers.

Country: UK

Deadline: 3 weeks

Sample size: 5

Methodology: IDI – face-to-face interviews

Respondent type: Consumers

Study field: Charities