19 Oct 2017
Field Scope International at Career Days Event

It is always good to visit an event where you can see many young people who are ready to start off their careers and advance.

Career Days Job Fair is a place like that. It is a Job Fair with a long tradition, and since it is organized by one of the largest student associations – AIESEC, it is extremely popular among students and recent graduates.

This year, we decided to join 17 other companies and use this opportunity to meet a number of talented and ambitious people. Our office in Belgrade has been active for a little less than two years, and it is still not widely recognized amongst job seekers. This gave us an advantage compared to some bigger companies that attended the event, as the attendees kept approaching our booth, wanting to find out more about what we do, and how are we doing it. Market research is still an undiscovered area for students, so we had an opportunity to talk with enthusiasm about our passion.

We dare to say that we did an excellent job at representing our values and culture, as we met a lot of prospective candidates that could become a part of our growing team.

Seven of our teammates showcased that Field Scope International is a place where everyone can advance if they want to do so, and we are looking forward to seeing our new team members soon!

Look at the photos below to catch a glimpse of the atmosphere.