23 Feb 2018
Better Respondent Quality for a Better Quality of the Research Results

Let’s be honest – one cannot have good qualitative research without high-quality respondents.

Recent reports show that researchers are concerned regarding the quality of participants, meaning that they often see substandard respondents in their studies. Additionally, unenthusiastic participants are a big part of the struggles researchers are facing when trying to get meaningful insights.

It Starts with Recruitment Teams

Most of the recruiters are aware of the issues arising from low-quality recruitment, and to achieve better results they should be working closely with the researchers. Recruiting respondents for qualitative studies can be a challenging task, and it can involve a higher level of effort than anticipated.

Each recruitment agency has their own ways of making sure respondents are a good fit for the study, meaning that they are impartial and transparent. At Field Scope International we like to keep our database detailed, but also clean. Our panels are updated on a regular basis, respondents are validated, and we are keeping them engaged with the educational materials about market research.

How are We Achieving This?

Field Scope International recruitment team is aware of foul play, as well as respondents who are bending the truth for the benefit of participation. Consequently, our recruitment team is working closely with our Quality Control and Database departments while doing regular check-ups to make sure client’s respondents are truthful and open.

Quality Control department contacts respondents after recruiters book them, asking follow up questions in order to determine whether the respondents indeed fit the criteria we set. It is very important to us to make sure that respondents speak the language at the native level, that they are talkative, friendly, responsive, creative and eloquent. Having these characteristics means the person will be able to share their opinions in a good manner, providing valuable feedback to the researchers.

Database department is making sure that all profiles are up to date. We have developed an in-house system that helps us track in which studies our panelists participated. As a result of this system, some respondents are being placed ‘on hold’, therefore not being invited to participate in our studies for a while. Thanks to that, our clients are getting fresh respondents, who are very excited to participate.

Honest Insights

Good communication and honest feedback are extremely important to Field Scope International team, that is why we always appreciate clients and researchers who provide us with their insights after the study is completed. Due to transparency, we are able to further investigate any issue that may have risen over the course of the study, which helps us prevent the repeat of the similar situation.