05 Feb 2018
What Stands Behind Every Successful Project?

Having a well-maintained panel doesn’t always guarantee that you will be able to satisfy all recruitment criteria purely on the panel alone. It was only a matter of time when we were faced with yet another challenging recruit that needed a bit of thinking outside the box.

The challenge came in the shape of a full-service project where Field Scope International Team was responsible for recruitment, honorarium handling, programming of the questionnaire, hosting and supervising the hall test, equipment hire, venue booking, data handling and delivering. We had less than one week to recruit 138 people as well as to govern all other aspects of logistics.

The study was a consumer hall test on the topic of dental hygiene, therefore respondent participation involved each respondent testing 4 different kinds of toothpaste and completing a questionnaire about their experience after each testing.

During any other time of the year, this project would not have presented a challenge for us, however, it came during the busiest time of the year – the last quarter of 2017, just before Christmas time.

Such a short time-frame, combined with a high number of projects in the phone room made this job quite a challenging one for our team. These difficulties were putting our ability to meet deadlines and our teamwork to the test. Despite these obstacles, our out-of-the-box thinking combined with our excellent internal communication lead us to sail through this job without any issues.

At the beginning of the project, the Project Manager delegated the tasks among the team, making sure that each team member was aware of their duties. Regular updates and progress reports between the team were diligent, which allowed us to tackle any issue as quickly as possible.

As everything was delivered smoothly, our client was content and absolutely satisfied with the results of the study.

What can we do for your project?

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