18 Dec 2019
Adding Quality To Your Research

Field Scope International has been commissioned to deliver fieldwork for one of our clients, so last week, our Quality Control Officer Agnieszka Janicka boarded a plane to London. And even though London is an amazing place to visit, especially around Christmas, Aga was mainly there to help with the interviews on the Central Location Day and make sure the whole process runs smoothly.

This was a perfect chance for her to meet the clients and respondents in person. As the interviews were starting at 12 pm, she met with the moderator and the client one hour before, where they have discussed which respondent’s feedback is the most important and which aspect of the research the moderator should focus on the most.

There were 13 interviews in total in which Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, ER Specialists, Acute Medicine Specialists and Geriatricians participated in a 60-minute face to face interview each. Field Scope International was also in charge of booking floaters – individuals who are scheduled as a backup for 2 or more sessions in case of a no-show or last-minute cancellation. And on this occasion, one floater was used, because there was indeed a last-minute cancellation.

Aga has stated that this was truly an amazing experience where she learned a lot and witnessed extensive interviews which will continue to prove beneficial for our company’s future fieldwork. So, take a look at our short video which depicts Aga’s trip through her eyes, from the view from the airplane to what the Moderation Room looked like, to how beautifully decorated London is during this time of the year.

What an amazing and beneficial experience this has been for Aga, as well as the client, as Field Scope International has demonstrated a hands-on approach to the quality control aspect of research. And this is what we do best.