17 Mar 2021
6 Reasons to Choose Field Scope International as Your Market Research Partner

Choosing the right market research partner can be challenging. You need to be re-assured that your market research activities are being conducted by experts. Here are 6 reasons why you should trust Field Scope International to be your market research partner:

1. Global Coverage

With offices in UK, USA, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Malawi, rest assured that we are able to cover all your market research needs globally.

2. Multilingual Internal Team

Having offices across the globe, recruiters in our internal Call Centre, as well as project managers, are fluent in the following languages:

1. English
2. French
3. German
4. Italian
5. Spanish
6. Polish
7. Serbian
8. Bulgarian
9. Chichewa

3. Validated Panels

All FSI panels are validated through our internal Quality Control department, abiding by the GDPR standards. We have panels in Healthcare, Consumer, and B2B sectors, however, our QC department is paying the closest attention to the Patient panel, where they collect and validate proofs of diagnosis provided by potential panelists.

4. Leveraging Latest Technology to reach the C-Suite Sections of Hospitals

We have introduced plugins to our recruitment tools enabling us to target senior staff members within hospital settings belonging to the C-Suite section.

5. Hard-to-reach respondents

Executive recruiters within the FSI team are specialized to target hard-to-reach respondents + our QC department validates them one by one.

6. ISO Standards

FSI is a proud holder of two ISO standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. We have streamlined our recruitment process to ensure quality and smooth delivery across all departments with the introduction of robust and stringent ISO standards.