17 Oct 2019
Our Team is Going To Munich!

We are extremely excited about the biggest Market Research event of the year!

And guess what? Yet again, this year, our team will be attending the Research & Results’ Conference in Munich!

We are looking forward to the fact that our wonderful Costing Department and our Managing Director will not only be learning the newest updates in the Market Research world and sharing our company’s goals with everyone passionate about this industry, but will be creating an even stronger bond between our team and our clients.

This is a great opportunity for our team to reconnect with people who share the same enthusiasm for their work as they do, as well as showcase their expertise and make everyone even more aware of the growth and progress Field Scope International has been undergoing.

What our team is eager about are all the different workshops that will enrich their Market Research knowledge and turn them into even better professionals than they already are. The team is hopeful that the presence of such extraordinary people will leave them evermore inspired and will only spark up their thirst for this great industry we are all impassioned for – The Market Research.

Below are the team members who will be attending the conference: (click on their photos to connect on LinkedIn)