18 Apr 2019
10 Years of Field Scope International


This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Field Scope International. We are pleased to celebrate it with all of our clients, partners, respondents and employees. As this is a special occasion, we have prepared a series of surprises for everyone involved in our growth.

This decade long journey was a roller coaster of success, accomplishments, great performance, as well as many unexpected challenges. We are extremely proud of our achievements and how far we have come.

We would like to highlight that so far, we have successfully completed more than 3600 projects for over 300 clients, who were satisfied with our project managements’ attentiveness and efficiency.

Additionally, we are appreciative of our team, who managed to conduct 700000+ screening sessions and recruit 70000 adequate respondents.

We are grateful to our clients who are continuously relying on us to assist them in overcoming their business challenges. Knowing this, our team looks forward to developing even stronger relationships in the future.

Our goals are to become a rapidly growing community and to expand our market to other countries, as well as share our expertise in market research.

Commemorating this, we have put together an anniversary video to showcase some of the exciting things we have achieved over the past decade, plus some milestones we have reached as a company. Check out the video below to find out more about our accomplishments.