07 окт 2021
Employee Testimonials

Building a Brighter Future Together


What does it mean to have a great company structure? What do you think of when you hear the words “company culture“? When you speak of “core values“ do you speak of the company’s values, or its employee’s?

Being part of “the purple team“ means not only being part of a company, but having respect for your co-workers, and appreciation for each and every employee who we think of as friends. Having an ear for everyone’s concern, lending a helping hand to all who need the support. Now THAT is the true colour of purple, and why our company feels more like a family, because we are all working hard towards building a brighter future TOGETHER.

We believe that the employees should speak for the company, and here is what WE had to say about our Field Scope FAMILY: 


Peter Chulu
Managing Director


In business we tend to use jargons that make us seem important or more intellectual than the next person. It’s easy for a founder of a business to call himself anything he wishes, after all he owns the company, right? Well, not quite true.

There are some things that must be earned, through time, challenges, experience, and knowledge.

At Field Scope International, the learning never stops. Every day you are required to think, adapt, improvise, and implement.

The work is dynamic, challenging, and interesting. If you are looking for an easy ride, then I will save you time as Field Scope is not the place for you but if you are looking to EARN your position in the business world then you have knocked on the right door.



As the ‘patient 0’ in Field Scope Int Belgrade since January 2016, I’ve been professionally challenged and inspired constantly.

Team spirit has always been the strongest feature and has been driving us into a cheerful future together.

Iva Chulu
Executive Director

Agnieszka Janicka
Operations Manager


Since the beginning of my professional career, I was looking for a place where I will be able to show all my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

FSI not only enabled this, but also gave me a small push in what turned out to be the right direction – and they knew it even before me.

It is great to see how much trust company puts in all their employees. FSI also provides all tools you need to be on the right career path and shine, of course with the solid dose of determination and engagement – hard work never goes unnoticed here!



By connecting individuals who would like to have their voice heard with organizations who are asking the right questions, market research has the possibility to make the world a better place.


This is our goal here at FSI. 

Jovana Petrovic
Senior Project Manager – Head of PM Dept

Alisa Kockar
Project Manager


We are living in challenging times and many things have changed during the years, however, I feel like all these ups and downs brought us closer as a PM team.

Not sure how many people can say this and really mean it, but if there was a contest for the best boss, I have no doubts that mine would win the first prize. Easily.

Isn’t that a reason good enough to get out of the bed and come into the office with a smile every day?


I like the people I work with and the focus the company has on its employees. The people I work with are hardworking individuals all working towards a common goal.

What I like is a sense of accomplishment, how efficient I have been with my time and whether my day has been a successful one.

I was heard and trusted from day one and I am grateful for the support for my professional development.

Sara Savatovic
Junior Project Manager 

Jelena Dabetic
Junior Project Manager

Every day at FSI is a new challenge which makes me learn, develop my professional skills, and gain more experience in working and communicating with people.

The rhyming one:

If you want the work to be properly done, it’s necessary to enjoy it and have fun!

I enjoy working in an international team! Even though we’re spread across five countries, the atmosphere within the team is motivating, inspiring and supportive!

It is indeed and honour to have been working at FSI for almost 3 years, I feel like none of this would be possible for me without the amazing FSI team, so, a huge thank you! Here is to all my colleagues trying to be their best version!

Keep up and enjoy the feeling of success!

  • The only way to thrive in life is to create your own narrative and be the winner of your story.
  • A Smooth Sea never made a skilled sailor.

Milena Stojakovic
Senior Project Coordinator

Chloe Taylor
Project Coordinator



I am Passionate about healthcare and delivering my 14 years knowledge of medicine to the team and during studies on medical research.

I feel we are building a future together by cooperating as a team to gather the best data for studies that are given.


I like working at FSI because every day comes with new, exciting work challenges.

I am passionate about my personal development and gaining diverse professional experience.

Blantyre team is great to work with. We motivate and support each other professionally and mentally which makes it feel like we are family.

Sharon Ulaya
Project Coordinator

Ivana Manojlovic
Junior Project Coordinator


Working for Field Scope International is fun, dynamic, and instructive.

I enjoy working with young people who are passionate and eager to help.

I consider working for FSI as a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills when it comes to research, organization, communication, planning, and problem solving.



Working on different projects with different people increased my understanding of the industry and business in general.

That is Field Scope – knowledge, growth, respect. 

Radoslav Maksimovic
Business Development Executive

Benjamin Banda
Resourcing Assistant


I have managed to grow professionally at FSI and even learnt things I did not know we could do with the tools we use for work.

I am very passionate about growing in skill, experience, and career through working with FSI and every employee and looking forward to growing together and helping build a future not just for the company but also my fellow employees.




At FSI, we are learning and evolving together, the company encourages my professional growth, and I have its full support.

Marko Hakaj
IT Coordinator

Kristina Grujic
IT Assistant


It all started on a sunny day when I became a part of the purple team, where respect overcomes disagreements, where colleagues are friends and fear of not being accepted is unfamiliar.

FSI is a place where you can work in a multicultural environment, meet friends for a lifetime and learn about a great work ethic.


Working here has, so far, been an exceptional experience, being surrounded by nothing but positivity and a welcoming environment with colleagues that are ever happy to lend a helping hand.

I strongly believe that I’ll grow as an individual here in all aspects of life.

FSI is like family now.

Glad to be here.

Georgina Buliyani
Database Administrator

Lawrence Kasuntha
Database Administrator


Since I started working at FSI, it has been a fun adventure for me.

I have been interacting with my mentors during my training as a database admin and they have been a great help for me to grow professionally in my field.

The people I am working with are very friendly which makes FSI a comfortable environment for me, working at FSI helped me to personally grow in terms of human interactions and building my passion when it comes to IT related things.


An ideal workplace is a space where you get to do the job which inspires and challenges you, surrounded by exceptional mentors, and grow both personally and professionally;

a space where you can express your creativity, have freedom for bringing your ideas to life, and be appreciated;

a space where you can work with wonderful individuals who are all working together towards building a brighter future.

I found that under the purple wing of FSI.

Elena Cabrajac
Marketing Executive

Milena Rajic
Marketing Assistant – Graphic Designer



I am very much into all forms of art and working at FSI gave me a different perspective on one of the things I love to do – which is making animations.

I have not only learned a lot in that field, but I also grew to love doing it and see more future in it.



What makes my coming to work a great pleasure is FSI’s people.

This purple team will always encourage you, believe in your abilities, and never let you forget how far you have come and what you are truly passionate about.

Nevena Mikic
Marketing Assistant