10 сеп 2020

From the Warm Heart of Africa to Field Scope International

An inspiring story on how an 18-year-old boy came from Zambia to study Economics in Serbia only to become an […]

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22 апр 2020

Staying Safe and Sane During the Pandemic

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9xc61cLh2A The COVID-19 Outbreak has gotten the world spinning in another direction. It has affected everybody in almost the same […]

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12 феб 2020

Results of the Satisfaction Surveys for 2019.

Field Scope International is a proud holder of two ISO Certifications – ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, both of which […]

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30 јан 2020

Video Testimonial | Dermatology Care

We know that pharma-companies need to understand patients’ needs from the perspective of a Dermatology Specialist in order to better […]

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25 дец 2019

Field Scope International | Istraživanje Tržišta

Istraživanje tržišta je ključni deo uspeha bilo kog posla već gotovo čitav  vek. Ovo je način na koji se dragoceni, […]

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17 окт 2019

Our Team is Going To Munich!

We are extremely excited about the biggest Market Research event of the year! And guess what? Yet again, this year, […]

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09 окт 2019

Case Study | Serbian Television Watching Habits in UK

FSI was tasked to recruit Serbian respondents living in London who would attend a focus group in order to discuss their […]

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16 јул 2019

Meet The Team – Branislava Dragicevic

Meet our Field Manager – Brana! See how she went from Project Coordinator to Field Manager right here in Field […]

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01 окт 2018

Lansiranje Projects i Healthcare sajtova

Lansirali smo dve platforme za članove našeg panela – jednu predviđenu za potrošače, pacijente i poslovne ljude, a drugu za […]

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04 авг 2017

Otvaranje kancelarije u Sofiji, Bugarska.

Otvaranje ove kancelarije rezultat je nastojanja kompanije da bude fizički prisutna na različitim tržištima koje pokriva.

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