06 Jan 2021
Annual FSI Meeting 2020

Every year, our whole team comes together for our Annual FSI Meeting, where the top management shares our “peaks and falls” of the year.

The meeting couldn’t be held at our main office, as we are still working from home, so, this year, all of our offices attended the meeting virtually.

Yet another trip around the Sun…

This trip was especially difficult for the entire planet. Coronavirus has ravaged the entire planet like a hurricane and all that is left is the bitter taste of loss and tragedy.

But we must look at the world from a different point of view – one that has made us more grateful for the things we have. One, that brought us closer to the people we love, but most importantly – to ourselves.

It’s as if turning to oneself was the greatest gift of 2020. It made us more AWARE. It made us realize how small we are, and how something a million times smaller than us can make an impact.

This was the year where we have taken a step back from society, but a step towards ourselves. One can only become ‘’big’’ after he has been ‘’small.’’ 2020 has made us more HUMBLE. And this is something, our egotistical, narcissistic world needed.

Remember, important lessons never come with a spoonful of honey.

2020 for FSI

In the year 2020, we have learned the importance of staying together and truly appreciating what and WHO we have.

When we first switched to working from home in March, everything seemed so much harder – we couldn’t just turn around and talk to our teammates if we had a question, we needed to call them via an online platform, and we all felt disconnected. But we managed to stay safe and sane during the pandemic.

But, as time went on, we have adapted to the new way of our work life. Pardon, we have not only adapted but IMPROVED most of our operations by introducing state-of-the-art technological solutions, which has made all of our procedures and processes centralized.

We continued to celebrate every birthday and anniversary, and have kept our team entertained with our weekly FSI Trivia Contest, and have organized numerous online games designed to make us get to know each other better.

2020 made us cherish EVERY call we had with our teammates, as we weren’t seeing them every day now. Funny how we take for granted the ability to see people we work with every day.

I guess that’s not the first thing people think they will miss. Funny how life works out that way and makes you SEE.

Patient Panel and Website + Office in Malawi

With everyone working extra-hard to make sure all the operations run smoothly, we were able to achieve two major turning points for our company – introduction of our global PATIENTS panel [along with our 4th website – reserved for patients], and an opening of a NEW OFFICE in Malawi.

We have expanded our patient panel and are now fully operable when it comes to covering studies for patients. By introducing the new website, we have tailored the perfect user experience for our respondents with certain conditions, thus making market research as “easy” as possible for them.

Our office in Malawi meant hiring more team members and more opportunities for expanding our market research activities on the African continent.

Hello, 2021!

We have made it this far, as a team, supporting each other more than ever!

We are looking forward to everything 2021 has in store for us, as we are stronger than ever 😊