Delivering global market research services

In order to make good decisions which will improve people’s lives, you need the right insights. It means you need quality data.

This is where we step in.

By connecting the dots, we give data a voice.

Simply put, we give people a chance to change the world with their opinions.

Field Scope International delivers fieldwork recruiting services in Healthcare, B2B and Consumer sectors across the globe.

Our offices are located in London, New York, Belgrade and Sofia, with multilingual and experienced project managers and recruiters. Covering Western, Central, Eastern European and US markets.

Valuing honest communication, we are recognized among the clients as a reliable, passionate and dedicated team of field workers who implement the highest standards of research and data management.

Over time, we have become a well-trained team of professionals with a high set of skills that can really turn the work around. Thanks to our long experience in fielding and recruitment services, we see every job through.

When we undertake a project, we get it done!

In-house system with real presence in the markets we cover, those are our primary goals.

With real offices and dedicated employees in various markets, we spread our mission across the globe. Take a virtual tour through our international offices and see our team in action.

Both clients and respondents are our long-term partners whom we treat with respect and honesty.

Good communication and honest feedback, quiet, passionate work followed by reliable and high quality results delivered on time – those are important parts of true excellence.

And we strive to achieve it because we want to become your long-term partner.

Become part of our mission.

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Field Scope International started as a fielding agency with the headquarters in London. Over the last few years, we evolved into an international corporation with offices in different markets. Check out Field Scope International timeline here.

And as we grow, our mission grows too.

Because of that, one of our core values is education. We believe that good, continuous education is a guarantee of constant improvement. So, we try to educate both professionals and respondents about market research and how we make a difference.

We publish case studies, industry-related researches, blog posts about healthcare and many more. Take a look at our blog.

We also believe in doing our bit for the community. From our very beginnings, we have organized charity and fundraising events. And we will continue to do so in the future.

Because it is important to help those in need.

Learn more about our activities and how you can become a part of it here.


The groups went brilliantly thank you. Both the client and the moderators were very happy. Please thank the team on my behalf

Anonymous Field Manager