14 Déc 2022
Why Do You Need Market Research?

It’s 2022, if you are not investing in market research, you are investing in failure. Many company executives forego market research in favour of the infamous “gut feeling” when launching a new product, service or even marketing campaign. We shouldn’t have to tell you that this is a recipe for disaster, but since you clicked on this article, we will assume that you are either a sceptic or just uncertain of whether you should invest in market research. Before proceeding further, no, this is not a sales pitch, this is just a well curated list of reasons why market research is just what you need, so please grab your reading glasses and let’s discuss.

Understand your audience

Market research is the most critical aspect of any business initiative as it helps your business understand the audience it is serving, and as a result the actual need of a product or service. Consumer attitudes and opinions are not concepts that you can infer from sales data, or any random secondary source. You need to engage your audience if you are to cater to their specific needs.

Implement new and effective strategies

Data from market research will help you make more informed decisions. It also helps you course correctly and assess the impact of existing strategies, while also identifying opportunities that can help form new ones. The market research process may seem arduous, but the data recovered from such efforts can inform business decisions, strategies, and investments for years to come.

Solve your biggest challenges

Problems are easy to spot, they make their presence felt, they have the capacity to affect processes, progress, as well as revenue. The source of the problem, however, is a little more elusive than anyone cares to admit. Market research allows you to explore problems a little deeper, acting as a troubleshooting mechanism that helps you analyse the problem, identify its source, and find a solution. This saves companies from investing millions in the wrong resources and implementing ineffective strategies, simply because they are taking shots in the dark trying to resolve their issues. Market research allows you to collect data that provides insights which can help you apply precise measures and solve the problems you are facing.

Identify new opportunities

Market research allows you to find new areas for business expansion. Opportunities for growth are plenty, but the possibilities to recognise these and seize them are quite scarce. Market research also helps you scan your industry for new avenues of growth.

With all of that said and done, let’s summarise, shall we! Market research is not only important, but crucial to the success of your business. Market research provides data that can help inform business decisions, implement new strategies, define new opportunities for growth, and resolve problems faced. Our advice? Invest in market research for your business and get the upper hand today.