12 Fév 2020
Results of the Satisfaction Surveys for 2019.

Field Scope International is a proud holder of two ISO Certifications – ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, both of which require us to keep track of all our key performance indicators and procedures.

Customer satisfaction indicator is an important factor determining any business’ success, as it gives the companies the opportunity to improve their way of operating and tailor it to fit their stakeholders’ needs.

Field Scope International has identified two key stakeholders and thus created two separate surveys designed to monitor and measure their level of satisfaction – Client and Respondent Satisfaction Survey.

Client Satisfaction Survey is populated by our clients and is crucial for understanding their communication with the designated Project Manager, and identifying areas of improvement for the service we provided.

Based on the feedback we received in 2019, here are the results for the Client Satisfaction Survey:

  • Total number of responses: 28
  • Net Promoter Score: 95%
  • Net Promoter Score Average:

The Net Promoter Score refers to those clients who are likely to recommend working with Field Scope International and the advocates of the NPS are those who gave us a rank of 8, 9, or 10 (with 10 being the highest rank). Please note some of the testimonials collected:

Very Satisfied

‘’Very hard to reach participants were found and everyone we spoke to were brilliant.’’

Very Dissatisfied

One of the clients expressed their dissatisfaction with the underperformance of our fieldwork team when it comes to the number of participants recruited being below the study target. Investigating key reasoning behind poor delivery, we have identified that our cost team feasibility process required tightening. We are now assessing our panel as well as factors outside of FSI (market specifics, legal and ethical guidelines, privacy limitations, etc.) with more diligence than ever, in order to give as a precise estimate as possible on the number of respondents potentially eligible to take part in a project.

In addition to the above, we have updated relevant project cycle procedures thus allowing members of our Costing department to be more involved in the fieldwork delivery. This way they obtain first-hand insight into any challenges that might occur during project delivery, which then they proceed to share as relevant know-how in their feasibility and forecasting whilst costing for our clients.

Respondent Satisfaction Survey is populated by our respondents with the main focus on their communication with our Recruiters and how likely they are to participate in future market research studies organized by Field Scope International.

Based on the feedback we collected in 2019, here are the results for the Respondent Satisfaction Survey:

  • Total number of responses: 125
  • Net Promoter Score: 89%
  • Net Promoter Score Average: 9,3

Very Satisfied

‘’Great research, lovely people from Field Scope and interesting research. Loved it! Well explained and expectations clear.’’

Very Dissatisfied

One of the respondents reported that the interview took longer than previously stated, after which the Project Managers took even more time in order to address the issue with the client and ultimately rectify it. Field Scope International aims to deliver excellent service to both our clients as well as panel members, hence why keeping respondents’ best interest in mind requires us to address any concerns and complaints they might have. We have since updated our T&Cs shared by both our Cost and PM team in order to clarify the further requirements of keeping details of the study as promised at the recruitment stage. We fully understand that often changes in study spec can occur mid fieldwork delivery, it is, therefore, important to communicate these changes to recruits as transparent as possible in order to maintain their trust and membership.


The key findings from this year’s report will help shape our strategic plan and vision moving forward. Satisfaction Surveys were ISO requirement, but also came up as a very useful tool to track the level of quality in delivering FSI services. It is precisely what enables us to maintain and improve the quality of our services as well as customize our company strategy allowing us to go above and beyond when it comes to running our business.

We would like to thank all the clients and respondents who have provided their honest feedback, as it continues to prove to be one of the most important tools needed to make our company better for you – our Clients and Respondents.