26 Jul 2022
Malawi Independence Day

Formerly known as Nyasaland and today as the Republic of Malawi, the country is located in Southeast Africa. Till July 6th, 1964, it was under the colonial rule of the British, when it gained independence.

Majority of Africans didn’t have right to express their opinion against the rule of the United Kingdom. So, it is a significant achievement for the people of Malawi to have finally reached independence and won their freedom.

“And when does the world become a better place?

When all those humans that are a part of it become content.

So, we connect people.

Those who have opinions with those who make decisions. Because every thought counts and every decision needs to be considered thoughtfully. That is why our ultimate goal is to provide a global market research platform where everyone’s opinion matters.” (Field Scope International)

Bearing that in mind, the company decided to open an office in Malawi, thus giving young people opportunity to make progress in their professional careers and share their experience and knowledge. In order to help the underdeveloped parts of the country, Field Scope International started a collaboration with Open Arms charity, encouraging all those willing to donate assets and thus contribute to the benefits of Malawi people.

What is essential is that the company and the charity share the same core values and so as to build rapport, company’s team makes effort whenever possible to visit offices in Malawi and meet their decision makers personally.

There are two ways of donating. The first one is direct through clients and the second one is via market research incentive payment i.e., through respondents. For more information about donating, please check our website.

The main aim of collaboration between Field Scope International and Open Arms is to help children with special needs in rural Malawi.

We strongly encourage all of our clients and colleagues to take part in donations whenever they can, because in that way we are contributing not only to an individual, but to the society in general as well.