29 Aug 2022
Field Scope International Opens doors to its 6th office in South Africa

Field Scope Int believes in the potential Africa holds and with a successful launch of our Malawian office, we have seen the need to further spread our wings. Connecting the dots further to give data a voice.

Why South Africa?

General South Africa has Africa’s most advanced, diverse, and productive economy. South Africa, with one of the most business-friendly environments on the continent, is a logical and appealing option for UK and US companies looking to enter the Sub-Saharan Africa market. The country has a population of over 58 million people and a land area of 1.22 million square kilometres.

Below are the reasons why we chose South Africa as our next home:
• Finding the right partner to collaborate with in third markets is now a low-risk business development strategy due to the penetration of South African businesses and agencies into Africa.
• South Africa serves as a business incubator for new-to-market ideas; as Africa’s middle class expands, business models launched in and from South Africa will find greater acceptance in other Sub-Saharan African markets.
• South African firms are open to various partnering arrangements with UK and US companies, including agency, licensing, joint ventures (JVs), mergers, and acquisitions.
Overall the rainbow nation holds a gold mine of diversity in regards to its people, meaning that our new panels can be tailored to our clients needs. And giving them the choice to have the African point of view in their research needs.

As famously stated by the Managing Director Peter Chulu, ’Businesses are now constantly faced with a declining economy, but we must keep moving, we must keep shifting, we must keep growing.’’