Our Coverage

Field Scope International offers complete coverage for recruitment, fielding, telephone interviewing, online phone-to-web and face to face interviewing in UK/Germany/France/Spain/Italy/US/Serbia/Bosnia/Slovenia/Macedonia/Ukraine/ Montenegro/Lithuania/Poland/Czech Republic/Slovakia/Russia/Bulgaria/Romania/ Hungary /Croatia/Latvia/Estonia.

We help traverse the complexities of global fieldwork and recruitment, offering comprehensive coverage, guidance and personal service across all methodologies. We have been delivering fieldwork and recruitment services for over five years now, and presently work with many global clients to deliver their fieldwork and recruitment needs.

Our offices are located in UK, USA and Serbia where we have teams of project managers and coordinators, and a telephone unit for phone to web interviewing, telephone interviewing and list recruitment.

We offer in-house recruitment, facility and fieldwork service across the globe.

Our Coverage

Key Benefits

  • Centralise your fieldwork and benefit from a single contact point
  • Access to our international panel of physicians
  • Access to a network of recruitment partners and fieldwork specialists, moderators and alike to help support your local research activities
  • Centralised invoicing affording protection from currency fluctuations
  • Benefit from our established relationships and thus minimise your project and coordination costs





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Let our team of experienced project managers assist you on day to day project related issues in a proactive manner whilst providing you with a flexible tailored approach to suit your needs.

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