Phone to Web Interviewing

Recruitment of Patients and Specialist Nurses

On the face of it a simple project, requiring a simple approach. Our client was seeking to better understand certain medical protocols used to treat a certain heart condition.  In this case we were looking to recruit both nurses (treating the condition) and patients (with the condition). On further examination we had a significant challenge: How to reach patient respondents that do not sit on any panel because they had experienced a time relevant treatment program, rather than going through a long term chronic condition. Our approach was to recruit the respondents using healthcare referrals. The sample size was 15 patients and 15 nurses. Field Scope recruited the respondents in the UK and Germany. The sample was drawn from hospital and rehabilitation centres.

Healthcare and medicine or computer antivirus protection and repair maintenance service concept: macro view of blue stethoscope on business office laptop notebook keyboard with selective focus effect