People doing international research
03 Jul 2018

Top 3 Challenges of International Research

Conducting a large-scale market research in your own region is challenging enough, conducting a research in an unknown territory is […]

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Girl showing market research results to a colleague
19 Jun 2018

4 Ways Market Research Will Improve Your Business

There are many benefits to conducting market research for your business. Doing proper market research before making any changes in […]

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Team in a briefing session
05 Jun 2018

Why Are (De)Briefings So Important?

Coherent and precise briefings are, without a question, the best way to ensure that your market research supplier understands your […]

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22 May 2018

Choosing the Perfect Methodology

In our previous blog post, we spoke about the factors that could affect the success of your qual research project. […]

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Smiling qual team
08 May 2018

6 Factors That Can Make or Break Your Qual Research

‘Qualitative research is designed to explore the human elements of a given topic, where specific methods are used to examine […]

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How to choose a perfect research supplier
24 Apr 2018

3 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Supplier Agency

The Market Research industry does not seem so large, until you Google ‘Market Research Company’ and about 19,000,000 results show up […]

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GDPR Blog Post Featured Image
10 Apr 2018

4 Changes on Our Way to GDPR Compliance

Disclaimer: This blog post is not legal advice for your company to use in complying with the GDPR. This is […]

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19 Mar 2018

Gaining Insight at the Insight Show

The Field Scope International team was incredibly excited prior to the Insight Show in London – they were looking forward […]

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23 Feb 2018

Better Respondent Quality for a Better Quality of the Research Results

Let’s be honest – one cannot have good qualitative research without high-quality respondents. Recent reports show that researchers are concerned […]

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05 Feb 2018

What Stands Behind Every Successful Project?

Having a well-maintained panel doesn’t always guarantee that you will be able to satisfy all recruitment criteria purely on the […]

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