06 Dec 2017

5 Segments of Internal Project Communication Process

Field Scope International Team takes pride in all our core values. One of them is honest communication, not only with […]

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04 Dec 2017

Internal Communication Chart

Field Scope International’s Internal Communication Process

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21 Nov 2017

Case Study on Cosmetic Products

At the beginning of 2017. our team overcame a great challenge in the recruitment world and our year started extremely […]

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07 Nov 2017

Why Is Market Research Important?

Whether you want to test a new device or medicine that could cure a disease, or you are trying to […]

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19 Oct 2017

Field Scope International at Career Days Event

It is always good to visit an event where you can see many young people who are ready to start […]

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13 Oct 2017

Field Scope International’s journey through 2017

Field Scope International emerged as a fielding agency in London, 2009, with just 4 employees. It has since grown into […]

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13 Oct 2017

Highlights from 2017

Field Scope International’s journey through 2017

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12 Oct 2017

New website launch

  Field Scope International is delighted to announce the launch of its new website that now highlights its global capabilities. […]

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29 Sep 2017

5 Things Worth Knowing About Fielding


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04 Aug 2017

Opening of the office in Sofia, Bulgaria

  Opening of the office in Sofia, Bulgaria, contributing to the company’s mission to have back offices in various markets […]

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